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Battle Scars
  • Battle Scars


    'The most important book you’ll ever read… Battle Scars will save lives.' TOM MARCUS, author of SOLDIER SPY


    Battle Scars tells the story of Jason Fox’s career as an elite operator, from the gunfights, hostage rescues, daring escapes and heroic endeavours that defined his service, to a very different kind of battle that awaited him at home.

    After more than two decades of active duty, Foxy was diagnosed with complex PTSD, forcing him to leave the military brotherhood and confront the hard reality of what follows. What happens when you become your own enemy? How do you keep on fighting when life itself no longer feels worth fighting for?

    Unflinchingly honest, Battle Scars is a breathtaking account of Special Forces soldiering: a chronicle of operational bravery, and of superhuman courage on and off the battlefield.


    'A vivid, searing account of a life at war.’ BEAR GRYLLS

    ‘A must read.’ ANT MIDDLETON, bestselling author of FIRST MAN IN.


    What readers are saying:

    ‘Outstanding’ *****
    ‘Inspiring’ *****
    ‘Humbling’ *****
    ‘Remarkable’ *****
    ‘Courageous’ *****
    ‘Moving’ *****
    ‘Truthful’ *****
    ‘Riverting’ *****
    ‘Inspiring’ *****
    ‘An absolute must-read’ *****

Jason Fox joined the Royal Marine Commandos at sixteen, serving for ten years, after which he passed the gruelling selection process for the Special Forces, serving with the Special Boat Service for over a decade and reaching the rank of Sergeant. Today you are most likely to find him gracing our television screens and giving us a taste of action and adventure around the world.