Jack Rooke

Cheer the F**K Up
  • Cheer the F**K Up

  • This book will definitely make you laugh and might just make you cry, but it could also help save a life.

    Cheer the F**K Up: How to Save Your Best Friend is a bold, brilliant and very personal account of a young comedian's experiences with mental health. Jack Rooke is on a mission to help us better understand the reasons why so many young men are acting in such desperate ways and to encourage more of us to understand the early signs of depression in our friends and family. Part memoir, part polemic, Cheer the F**K Up is a completely fresh and timely take on a huge issue, and one that is very close to Jack's heart – in 2015, while Jack was working an ambassador for a male mental health charity; he lost his best friend, Olly, to suicide.

    This is a journey through Jack’s life and experiences with Olly, coupled with frank and powerful advice on how to talk to your friends about their state of mind. Hilarious, heart-breaking, and empowering in turns, Cheer The F**K Up aims to shed a little light into the darkness, and help us start meaningful conversations about our mental health.

RELEASED 07/05/2020

Jack Rooke is a 25 year old writer, comedian and mental health ambassador. Jack has fronted his own BBC3 doc series, Happy Man, is the resident on-air expert in bereavement and mental health for BBC Radio 1, and made the Broadcast Magazine Hot Shot list for 2017. Jack has also produced two standout Edinburgh shows, Good Grief, a comedy-theatre piece about his father's death and Happy Hour, developed by Soho Theatre, and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017. Jack is currently working on his debut comedy pilot for the BBC.