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F**k, I think I'm Dying
  • F**k, I think I'm Dying

  • 'You're dying. F**k, you're having a heart attack, or is this a stroke? You're going crazy, you are right this second losing your mind. It's game over. Get out' All the work I'd put into preparing for this interview, my job, my career, money, future - it all seemed insignificant next to the burning desire to get out of the room and run.

    Claire Eastham is an expert on panic. She's not a doctor or an academic but in her 31 years she has had more than 300 panic attacks so she has learnt a thing or two along the way.

    Part memoir, part guide, this is an intimate, honest and ultimately uplifting exploration into panic attacks. In practical thematic chapters Claire covers the crisis points where panic can hit: job interviews, social situations, attacks at night. She interviews a host of people - scientists, professors, dieticians, psychologists and people who struggle with panic - to anatomise how panic works and how it can be managed.

    Panic is a condition which will effect 1 in 4 of us, and yet it remains stigmatised and misunderstood. Now Claire has written the book she wishes had been available to her after she experienced her first attack. Claire's personal story reminds us how debilitating panic can feel but her message is uplifting as she shows how we can break through barriers and stop panic defining us.

Claire Eastham is a Manchester-based author, award-winning mental health blogger, campaigner and keynote speaker. Regarded as one of the UK’s foremost mental health bloggers, Claire’s witty and self-deprecating sense of humour has seen her attract thousands of readers to her blog, We’re All Mad Here. Claire’s first book of the same name sold out its entire first print run in just five days and was selected for Reading Well Books on Prescription in 2018. Claire is an ambassador for the mental health research charity, MQ, and has regularly appeared on TV and radio, including appearances on This Morning, BBC Breakfast, and across BBC Radio.

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