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Tornado Down
  • Tornado Down

  • In 1918, the RAF was established as the world's first independent air force. To mark the 100th anniversary of its creation, Penguin are publishing the Centenary Collection, a series of six classic books highlighting the skill, heroism esprit de corps that have characterised the Royal Air Force throughout its first century.

    RAF Flight Lieutenants John Peters and John Nichol were shot down over enemy territory on their first mission of the Gulf War. Their capture in the desert, half a mile from their blazing Tornado bomber, began a nightmare seven-week ordeal of torture and interrogation which brought both men close to death.

    In Tornado Down, John Peters and John Nichol tell the incredible story of their part in the war against Saddam Hussien's regime. It is a brave and shocking and totally honest story: a story about war and its effects on the hearts and minds of men.

    The Centenary Collection:
    1. The Last Enemy by Richard Hillary
    2. Tumult in the Clouds by James Goodson
    3. Going Solo by Roald Dahl
    4. First Light by Geoffrey Wellum
    5. Tornado Down by John Peters & John Nichol
    6. Immediate Response by Mark Hammond

John Nichol is a former RAF flight lieutenant whose Tornado bomber was shot down on a mission over Iraq during the Gulf War in 1991. He was captured and became a prisoner of war. He is the bestselling co-author of 'Tornado Down' and 'The Last Escape,' and the author of five novels. He is also a journalist and widley quoted as a military commentator. Tony Rennell is the author of 'Last Days of Glory: The Death of Queen Victoria' and co-author of 'When Daddy Came Home,' a highly praised study of demobilization in 1945 and 'The Last Escape: The Untold Story of Allied Prisoners of War in Germany 1944-45. Now a freelance writer, he was formerly associate editor of 'The Sunday Times' and 'The Mail on Sunday.'

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