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  • Forget the old concept of the 9-5. Companies around the world are redesigning the work week to increase efficiency, health and happiness in their workers.

    A growing number of businesses are shortening their working week to address problems with low productivity, poor mental health and unequal working opportunities. Workers are still paid the same salary for a four-day week and the results are revolutionary.

    In Shorter, bestselling author Alex Pang studies these trailblazing businesses where managers are reporting their teams to be:

    - More creative in their problem solving
    - Happier and with lower stress and anxiety and cases of burn out
    - More productive

    Pang will reveal step by step, how they have gone about making these changes, the challenges and solutions and, most importantly, how you can do the same.

Charlie Corbett has worked as an editor, journalist and most recently set up his own communications consultancy, Bullfinch Media. Despite having pursued a 20-year career in financial journalism, he remains, in his heart, a country boy. He comes from a family of livestock and arable farmers and spent his childhood divided between farms on the rolling downs of Hampshire and on the Isle of Mull.

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