The Wilsons Save the World: Series 1 and 2
  • The Wilsons Save the World: Series 1 and 2

  • A full-cast BBC comedy about trying to live ethically and do the right thing written by Marcus Brigstocke and Sarah Morgan.

    Michael (Brigstocke) and Maxine (Kerry Godliman) Wilson and their teenage daughters, Lola and Cat (plus their bearded dragon Chomsky, and about 150,000 bees) have resolved to live a cleaner, greener, serener life. They are attempting to live ethically... whatever that means.

    The Wilsons conscientiously tackle tricky situations and dilemmas; from balancing the need of hot sun on holiday to a carbon-neutral campsite, explaining the pitfalls of online relationships to their daughter by drawing parallels to Brexit or protesting library closures when, according to Cat, everything can be found online anyway.
    The family, good folk that they are, are trying about 20% harder and learning to live with about 19% more failure in trying to save the world. They are not giving up.

    Produced by Julia McKenzie.
    A BBC Studios production.

Liza Tarbuck has been knocking about for years. She is an actress, presenter and broadcaster working extensively across all our TV channels and BBC radio. What she really wanted to be was an artist. She is hogging creativity, and you're encouraging it. I An Distracted By Everything is her first book.