Sara Milne Rowe

The SHED Method
  • The SHED Method

  • Make 2020 your best year yet with the help of the The Shed Method - step-by-step advice to give you the drive to go after what you want and achieve real success.

    'A new way to tackle life's challenges. Teaches you to get the best out of yourself' Red

    Use your SHED - Sleep, Hydration, Exercise, Diet - to lock up negative thoughts and find the success you deserve.

    Do you make poor choices when tired or stressed?
    Is happiness perpetually out of reach?
    Have you lost direction?

    The SHED Method is a means of taking control of the reptile (fight or flight) and dog (bark or cower) parts of your brain to ensure you are always in control of your life and decisions.

    By managing your SHED you will:
    · Stop being your own worst enemy
    · Recognise internal warning signs
    · Turn negative emotions and thoughts into positive ones
    · Make better decisions when it matters

    Based on over ten years of coaching high performers, Sara Milne Rowe's The SHED Method is full of easy-to-follow advice, practices and routines to help you become a happier, healthier and more confident you.

Sara Milne Rowe is one of the UK's leading performance coaches, having founded Coaching Impact in 2004. She works alongside senior leaders, teams and individuals within creative and media industriesm education, fast track start-ups, not for profit organisations and in support of female entrepreneurs. This powerful book introduces the unique method that Milne Rowe uses with her clients to help them manage their minds and reach their full potential.