Sara Milne Rowe

The Here and Now
  • The Here and Now

    • Chloe Brotheridge

    • Sara Milne Rowe

    • Chloe Madeley

    • Helen Tupper

    • Sarah Ellis

    • Sophie Fletcher

    • The Mindfulness Project

    • Rukmini Iyer

    • Amir Khan

    • Oliver Burkeman

    • Sophie Fletcher (Read by)

    • Sara Milne Rowe (Read by)

    • Chloe Madeley (Read by)

    • Chloe Brotheridge (Read by)

    • Helen Tupper (Read by)

    • Sarah Ellis (Read by)

    • The Mindfulness Project (Read by)

    • Rukmini Iyer (Read by)

    • Amir Khan (Read by)

    • Oliver Burkeman (Read by)

    Brought to you by Penguin.

    Survive and thrive in uncertain times by listening to the insights and inspirational ideas of world-leading experts on staying calm, focused and in control, brought to you by Penguin.

    Too much time on your hands? Too busy to think? Too tired to do anything? Too anxious?
    Life as we know it presents us all with different challenges - whether it's the anxiety of loneliness or the stress of being cooped up with the kids 24/7, working at all hours from home or finding yourself unable to fill the long hours of each day.

    By listening to The Here and Now you'll discover how to master the difficult art of living in the moment. Combining the expertise of some of Penguin's most trusted authors, this audio collection of practical wisdom and calming advice will help keep you grounded during these uncertain times.

    · Let Chloe Madeley advise you on exercising at home.
    · Allow The Mindfulness Project to reconnect you with nature.
    · Banish anxiety with Chloe Brotheridge.
    · Sophie Fletcher's advice will help keep your family (and yourself) calm and connected.
    · Follow Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis' advice as they redefine what a successful career means.
    · Listen to Dr Amir Khan's advice on how to achieve better sleep results.
    · Let Rukmini Iyer introduce you to the joys of cooking.
    · Learn from Sara Milne Rowe how to adjust your habits for positive change..

    Incorporating guided walks, meditation exercises, workout routines and so much more, this enriching, affirming guide will help each of us realign how we are living right now to make every moment the very best it can be, and develop habits and strategies that will last a lifetime.

    (P) Penguin Audio 2020

Sara Milne Rowe is one of the UK's leading performance coaches, having founded Coaching Impact in 2004. She works alongside senior leaders, teams and individuals within creative and media industriesm education, fast track start-ups, not for profit organisations and in support of female entrepreneurs. This powerful book introduces the unique method that Milne Rowe uses with her clients to help them manage their minds and reach their full potential.

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