Greg Abbott

There's a Witch in Your Book
  • There's a Witch in Your Book

  • HOCUS POCUS! There's a witch in your book and she's making a terrible mess. Can you use your own magic to show Messy Witch who's boss and help her keep your book tidy?

    Who's in Your Book?
    Interactive adventures for big imaginations

    Also in this series:
    There's a Monster in Your Book: makes reading interactive and fun
    There's a Dragon in Your Book: explores empathy and responsibility
    There's an Alien in Your Book: explores acceptance and inclusion
    There's an Elf in Your Book: explores following instructions and good/bad behaviour
    There's a Superhero in Your Book: explores the power of kindness

Greg Abbott is an illustrator and designer who lives in West Sussex, England. In addition to children's books, he has created art prints, apparel, toys, greetings cards, and other merchandise. Visit him on Tumblr at