Elli H. Radinger

The Wisdom of Wolves
  • The Wisdom of Wolves

  • In this unforgettable book, wolf expert and naturalist Elli Radinger draws on her 25 years of experience among the wolves of Yellowstone National Park to tell us remarkable stories of the wolves she has encountered.

    Wolves are more human than we ever knew . . .

    In fact, they can teach us how to be better humans. They play, love, care for others, show compassion, die of broken hearts, pine for home, work in teams, are endlessly patient and leaders know when to defer to followers.

    In The Wisdom of Wolves naturalist Elli Radinger takes us on a journey into the heart of the wolf pack, revealing how they are so successful and what they can teach us about family, cooperation, survival, leadership, commitment and how to enjoy what life gives us. No other book will bring you closer to discovering the truth about wolves - and ourselves.

    'Through The Wisdom of Wolves, we get to feel that little bit closer to the pack and discover what we may have in common' BBC Wildlife

    'Part impassioned memoir, part natural history study. Radinger's access to her subjects is extraordinary and her analysis simple. Wolf packs, she says, are deeply familial and there is much humans can learn from them . . . Calmly persuasive' Sunday Times

    'Enchanting' Mail on Sunday

RELEASED 26/12/2019

Elli H. Radinger, born in 1951, gave up her profession as a lawyer to devote herself entirely to writing and to wolves, her passion. She is now Germany's best-known expert on wolves and shares her knowledge in books, seminars and lectures. For twenty-five years she has spent a large part of every year observing wild wolves in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. The Wisdom of Wolves is her first book.