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Toca Life: Busy Day!
  • Toca Life: Busy Day!

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    From decorating your own pad to stocking the shelves of your favourite shop, you can do it all in this fun-packed Super Sticker Book! Populate the pet shop, fill the school with friends, help out at the hospital and loads more. Use the stickers to decorate every cool Toca Life scene just the way you like it!

    Busy Day! features loads of your favourite characters, animals, objects and locations from the Toca Life apps. Just like the apps, there are no rules or scripted scenarios: just use the 500 stickers to complete the bright, colourful scenes in any way you like!

Toca Boca creates digital toys and everyday products that are filled with fun and silliness that kids from any corner of the world can instantly relate to. There are no rules, no boundaries and no right or wrong way to do anything. There's just the undeniable, irresistible spirit of play.