Catherine Talbot

A Good Father
  • A Good Father

  • 'When I hit her, which isn't often, I am careful not to go too deep around her cheekbones because her cheekbones are a great feature of hers.'

    Des is a good husband, a good father - a good man.

    He encourages his wife's artistic endeavours. He holds down a well-paid, if unfulfilling job. He is manager of his sons' under-11s football team. He reads bedtime stories to his children every night before they go to sleep.

    But appearances are often deceptive, and behind closed doors secrets threaten to ruin everything.

    Des is afraid . . .

    He is afraid of the outside world encroaching on his little family.
    He is afraid of past mistakes catching up with him.
    He is afraid of losing control.

    After all, Des is master of his home, and he is entitled to maintain his authority over it - and everyone in it - at all costs.

RELEASED 07/05/2020

Catherine Talbot is a recent graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, where she was awarded an MPhil in Creative Writing. She is also the literary fiction editor of the Trinity College publication, College Green Literary Journal. Catherine lives in Dublin with her husband and two young children. She works part-time at the Village Bookshop in Greystones and swims every morning of the year in Killiney Bay. A Good Father is her first novel.