Mitch Jackson

The Girl and the Gun
  • The Girl and the Gun

  • Leslie Turnstock has seen all kinds of trouble over the years. He has a pretty good nose for what can be left to sort itself out - and despite what his superiors might say to each other from the safety of their cushy offices, he usually turns out to be right.

    But recently, there have been a spate of disappearances - first just teenagers, suspected runaways, but then younger and younger kids started vanishing too. The crimes are frustratingly clean every time but Les knows his quarry will slip up eventually. And he'll be waiting to catch them.

    But then he gets a call. It's his ex-wife. Katy is missing.

Mitch Jackson was born and raised in Swindon. He is the bestselling author of twelve novels, as well as the 2015 memoir Boots on the Ground. He is a trustee of the National Literary Trust and a tireless campaigner for better access and diversity in the arts.

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