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Radio Active: The Complete Series 1-7 Plus Specials
  • Radio Active: The Complete Series 1-7 Plus Specials

    • Angus Deayton

    • Geoffrey Perkins

    • Richard Curtis

    • Michael Fenton Stevens (Read by)

    • Geoffrey Perkins (Read by)

    • Angus Deayton (Read by)

    • Helen Atkinson Wood (Read by)

    All seven series of the hit BBC Radio 4 comedy, plus two Specials

    One of the most successful radio comedies of the 1980s, Radio Active ran for seven series, winning numerous awards and transferring to television as KYTV. A hilarious send-up of commercial broadcasting, it introduced us to ‘Britain’s only national local radio station’ and its incorrigibly enthusiastic DJs, including Mike Channel, Anna Dapter, Mike Flex and Mike Stand.

    There’s music from the HeeBeeGeeBees, Status Quid and The Beagles, news about the news and views about the news, and an afternoon of sport in just 30 minutes – not to mention a big, big chance to win the jackpot in the Gigantaquiz.

    The team sniff ‘Round Your Parts’ in the sleepy village of Humpingham, The Right Reverend Reverend Wright brings you the latest from around the parish in ‘God Alone Knows’, and Lyn Folds-Over is consumed by all things consumer in ‘You and Your Things’. Further afield, the station has a live translatlantic link with the Big Apple, heads Down Under (with Craig Stevens the Ripper Drongo) and visits Nice – only to discover that it doesn’t have a Film Festival after all.

    Plus, in two special episodes – Radio Active’s Christmas Turkey and David Chizzlenut – the get-up-and-go station links up with Bethlehem and drops in on sick kids, and the Radio Active Drama Repertory Company provide their unique rendition of Dickens' mercifully less well-known masterpiece.

    Starring Angus Deayton, Helen Atkinson-Wood, Geoffrey Perkins, Philip Pope and Michael Fenton Stevens.

RELEASED 01/01/2098

Richard Curtis is an award-winning and international film-director and script writer, and the creator of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, Notting Hill and Mr Bean.