Rachel Benoît

The Friendship Wheel

The Friendship Wheel

A Colourful Guide to Your Closest Relationships


Can we become fluent in the language of friendship?

When writer and academic Rachel Benoit experienced a friendship break-up, she realised we have endless guides to help us navigate our our romantic lives, our personalities, and even our working styles. But friendship - in spite of its huge importance - has been curiously neglected, until now. Out of this experience she developed The Friendship Wheel, a new language for our closest relationships.

The idea is simple: a wheel of six colours representing six friendship dynamics through which we can unlock more nuanced conversations about friendship and a greater understanding of how our social worlds work - and learn how to make these fundamental relationships better and more meaningful. Benoit combines her new theory with warm and witty real-life stories of every kind of relationship, from new friend to best friend.

At once extraordinarily simple and completely revelatory, The Friendship Wheel is the gateway to more meaningful conversations, and will change how you think about friendship forever - and for the better.