Adam Rutherford

  • Genetics


    Who discovered genetics?

    How does gene inheritance work?

    Is DNA common to all living things?

    We inherit CODES from our parents. And these codes are written in the molecule DNA. This DNA means that we RESEMBLE each other, namely our families.

    This raises so many questions such as how does DNA influence evolution? How was it discovered? And what does it mean for the future of the human race?

    Discover the answers and more inside Adam Rutherford's Ladybird Expert - Genetics, the thrilling and accessible account that explains race and genetics, whether it is our DNA or the environment that influences us most, what are our chances of being related to royalty, genetic engineering and much more . . .

Adam Rutherford is a writer, broadcaster and recovering geneticist. He did his PhD at on genes involved in eye disease, and the development of the retina. Since then, he's been various things, including writer, editor, presenter of various television programmes including 'The Cell' (2009) and 'The Beauty of Anatomy' (2014), host of BBC Radio 4's Inside Science since 2013, and scientific advisor on various movies including Ex Machina (2015), Bjork's Biophilia Live (2014) and Annihilation (2018). According to Wikipedia, he has 20 children.