Body Confidence

Astrid Longhurst

Have you been fighting the body war for years? Tried every tactic you know to win the battle and have still failed? Then this book is for you. If you spend all your energy hating your body - wishing your stomach was flatter, your nose wasn't so small or your skin was clearer - then you may lack body confidence. Life's too short to be spent disliking the person you are. Can you really afford to wait until you're 'perfect' before you start truly living? Body Confidence will help you move past your own boundaries, guiding you into a new way of thinking and being. It provides you with a blueprint to follow: a practical programme that takes you through a step-by-step process towards a body you love and feel totally confident in.


Astrid Longhurst achieved phenomenal success after presenting the fitness section on GMTV by showing how fitness, beauty and health can be acheived at a size 20. She is a qualified psychotherapist and runs workshops and seminars specialising in all body confidence issues. She is based in Ireland and travels widely.