• "Anthony McGowan made a hilarious debut with Hellbent, a modern take on Dante which manages to mix existentialist and determinist philosophy with quite surprising amounts of poo"

    Anthony Horowitz, Sunday Telegraph
  • "A wisecracking helterskelter . . . Real boys' stuff . . . but watch out for a twist in the novel's devilish tail"

    Hepzibah Anderson, Observer
  • "A brilliantly nauseating thriller . . . It is a devilishly funny, clever and moving novel"

    Amanda Craig, The Times
  • "Dante for beginners with a serious moral message"

    Geraldine Brennan, TES
  • "Every writer hates to hear the words "stunning new talent" applied to someone else, but in the case of Anthony McGowan nothing else will do"

    Meg Rosoff