• "The text reads aloud with effortless rhythms, occassinal rhymings, in a delicious dignity of tome. This is a perfect bedtime picture book and a memorable extended metaphor for loving and being loved"

    The School Librarian
  • "An imaginative, stylish and dream-like bedtime story"

    The Bookseller
  • "Text and pictures are inventively surreal, funny and loving, with a perfectly judged almost-scary climax and a snuggly conclusion that doesn't quite banish Baby's magical world. A meaty book, with touches of brilliance, that enters an infant mind without a hint of condescension"

    Books for Keeps
  • "A read dream of a book . . . A beautiful storybook that every young sleepyhead is sure to love"

    Mother & Baby
  • "Goes to the heart of true infant experience, with elements that all small children will recognise and enjoy"

    The Irish Times