• "The magic of this lies in his ability to transcend current fashions and tastes and tap into children's universal desire to understand the world they live in"

    Irish Times
  • "It is remarkable skill to make simplicity and even silliness embrace such complexity yet offer children so much wisdom. Somehow, it's not surprising that Pullman can do it"

    The Sunday Times
  • "The story ends as confidently as it begins, written for children with utmost respect for and delight in their intelligence, humour and imagination . . . Genius demands a continual purification and renewal of talent. Pullman has realised that and it's why he is great"

    The Times
  • "The book is a perfectly made gem, full of fun, fireworks and wit. We continue to be lucky to have Pullman writing for us"

  • "Pullman has conjured up something entirely his own: a tale of great charm and wit, told in an easy style which reads as though it all came right in the first draft. It's aimed at a lower age-level than the Dark Materials trilogy . . . older children would find themselves enjoying it too"

    Independent on Sunday