• 'Inspired by his modernising pen, the old bones throw off their dust and dance the boogie...a richly readable introduction to the science that The Origin of Species invented'

    Mark Ridley, The Sunday Times
  • 'A celebration of the unarguable rightness of Darwin's case, updated to take into account our century's advances, particularly in genetics...his writing is clear, precise, declamatory, often illuminating...he allies the macro and the micro, using tales of dogs and snails and polyps and islands, to create a work of persuasion rather than polemic' 

    Euan Ferguson, Observer
  • 'To rewrite Darwin requires considerable skill, bravado, and, possibly, a touch of madness. Jones clearly has more than his fair share of all three...a barnstorming tour of modern genetics and its implications for evolutionary theory'

    Kenan Malik, Independent on Sunday
  • 'The richness is almost overwhelming, and I am awed by Jones's reading...hugely enjoyable'

    Steven Rose, Independent
  • 'Explains the workings of evolution, as they are now understood, with beautiful clarity and, naturally, with a lot more fun and jokes than Darwin ever allowed himself. The book is a pleasure to read'

    Mary Midgley, New Statesman

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