• "'Compelling and surprisingly moving...Wiwa writes with clarity and lucidity'"

    William Boyd
  • "'Riveting, searingly honest and deeply moving. It is a splendid monument to an outstanding man, warts and all'"

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  • "'Powerful and extremely honest book, with no attempt to conceal the warts'"

    Tariq Ali, Financial Times
  • "'All the ingredients of a Shakespearean drama...You feel for him. You feel for his father. His elegantly written book is a weave of Nigerian and family history, both turbulent, both tragic, neither without hope. It is however, a story of being trapped in history; the children of heroes who find their lives shaped by their parents...poignant'"

    Sandra Jordan, Observer
  • "'Painfully honest...all the more moving because it does not shy away from the difficulties of the son's relationship with the father'"

    Anthony Daniels, Sunday Telegraph