• "'As a rule, if a book starts talking to you ... head for funny farm. While you're down there, you might meet Marius Brill, who has produced a book that does precisely that, one so entirely fantastical as to be quite scary ... An oddity to savour'"

  • "'Enjoyable comic tale enhanced by some genuine philosophical questions'"

  • "'Fantastic, hilarious ... verbal pyrotechnics, supported by a fecund imagination of the first order'"

    The Times
  • "'An absurd, hilarious, spy-cum-action-cum-postmodern thriller, Making Love is incredibly clever without showing off, self-referential without being self-congratulatory, and a damn good read. Fantastic'"

    The List
  • "'An exceptional piece of writing...Making Love is as winning a first novel as I have read in a long time'"

    Sunday Telegraph

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