• "Fantastic, hilarious... verbal pyrotechnics, supported by a fecund imagination of the first order"

    The Times
  • "How to Forget is a genuinely funny romp through some of the darker areas of the human mind and some of the more life-threatening areas of mentalism and magic. An engaging and good-hearted read"

    A L Kennedy
  • "A smorgasbord of romantic romp, pseudo-scholarship, urban melodrama and metafictional mystery"

    Time Out
  • "Highly entertaining yet intelligent comic novel...Brill's sense of fun is evident on every page"

    Times Literary Supplement
  • "An absurd, hilarious, spy-cum-action-cum-postmodern thriller, it is incredibly clever without showing off, self-referential without being self-congratulatory, and a damn good read. Fantastic"

    The List