• "Big heavy bombers. Proper old-fashioned heroism. And triumph of ingenuity over limited funding. So far as I'm concerned, it has the lot and to cap it all it reads like fiction when it's actually fact. I more than enjoyed it, it could have been written specially for me"

    Jeremy Clarkson
  • "One helluva great flying story. The gripping narrative reads like a suspense thriller, yet every word is true"

    Stephen Coonts
  • "Exciting and breathtakingly pacy...This is exactly how modern history should be written"

    Andy McNab
  • "A masterwork of narrative history. Brilliantly described, the story of an impossible British mission is a compelling one; it's telling long overdue"

    Clive Cussler
  • "Gripping, endlessly fascinating detail. I read the book in one sitting: it is an utterly compelling war story, brilliantly written"

    Simon Winchester