• "'The pace is fast, the characters intriguing and memorable, the evil dark and palpable, and the genre-bending between fantasty and thriller seamless...He could be a force to reckon with'"

    Kirkus Reviews
  • "'Twelve Hawks' much anticipated novel is powerful, mainstream fiction built on a foundation of cutting-edge technology laced with fantasy and the chilling specter of an all-too-possible social and political reality'"

    Publishers Weekly
  • "The book they say is the new Da Vinci Code. Take some Orwellian undertones, add a dash of Philip Pullman and sprinkle with a few lines of Dan Brown"

  • "Compelling...Picture The Matrix crossed with William Gibson and you'll have a sense of The Traveller"

  • "A cyber 1984...Page-turningly swift, with a cliffhanger ending"

    New York Times