• "'A hugely persuasive and important book, the more so because of the moving simplicity of its central idea'"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "'A crucial contribution. A new proposal for change that is valid for the whole world'"

    Javier Perez de Cuellar, Ex Sect.General of the UN
  • "'A very great book...powerful and completely convincing'"

    Ronald Coase, Nobel Laureate in Economics
  • "'One of the few new and genuinely promising approaches to overcoming poverty to come in a long time'"

    Francis Fukuyama, author of The End of History
  • "'A revolutionary book...if the criterion is a capacity not only to change permanently the way we look at the world, but also to change the world itself, then there are good grounds for thinking that this book is surely a contender...thrillingly subvesive'"

    Donald McIntyre, Independent