• "Hidden Journey is a remarkable book for two reasons. First, there is the magnitude of its assertions and of the experiences which Harvey describes... Second, Harvey has brought intellectual rigour and style to a subject - mystical religious experience - which usually makes people feel uncomfortable"

    Mick Brown, Sunday Telegraph
  • "Reviewing Andrew Harvey's latest book is like formulating an opinion on Revelations and the Gospel of St John simultaneously... He gets as near as anyone could to describing the indescribable slide into the vortext of God"

    Monica Furlong, The Literary Review
  • "This is not a book written to draw the spiritually curious towards one cult or another; the teacher is a gate and means to God, in whose majesty the writer in the end dips and plunges like a dolphin in the sea... Wonderful, extraordinary stuff, and so beautifully written that it seems a crime not to bring it to the notice of others"

    Ann Wroe, The Tablet
  • "Few writers can communicate this most difficult of subjects. Mr Harvey does so with a clarity and beauty of expression that make his book worth reading even by those who will be sceptical of what he describes. Best of all, he is not a proselytiser, much less a saint... His story is that of every modern man longing for enlightenment, stumbling, worrying and - just occasionally - glimpsing what he hardly dares look for"

    The Economist
  • "Astonishing and gripping and memorable"

    Peter Levi, The Spectator