• "This wonderfully grounded book reveals how shamanism heals our everyday world when we acknowledge the wisdom of our spirits"

    Caitlin Matthews
  • "fascinating and insightful"

    Nicholas Wood, Sacred Hoop
  • "This book is an absorbing and inspiring read...There is much compassion, humour and love in this unique volume, with experiences so vividly and colourfully recounted that I felt as though I was actually there with Jane as she journeyed...This is probably the most inspiring read I have yet encountered on this subject. Highly recommended"

  • "No drama, no sensationalising, just a highly readable account of the author's work with spirits, plus absorbing accounts from the experiences of her students and clients. This gives a unique and informative 'fly on the wall' insight into 'how', 'where' and 'why' shamanism operates...Reading this book, I felt the warmth and expansion of perception found in workshops and sharing circles, where everyone is contributing from their experience, and sharing from the heart."

    Sacred Hoop