• Brilliant, funny, encompassing everything you ever wanted to know about practically everything (including numerology, James Bond's foes, and the construction of sewers), this book is both extraordinarily learned and well plotted.

    Sunday Times
  • Endlessly diverting... Even more intricate and absorbing than his international bestseller The Name of the Rose.

  • Brilliant... A novel that is deeper and richer than The Name of the Rose.

    New York Times
  • An intellectual adventure story, as sensational, thrilling, and packed with arcana as Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Count of Monte Cristo.

    The Washington Post
  • Umberto Eco is literature's great magician... He offers us many passages of brilliance, and treats us to a Shakespearean alternation of paroxysm and intimacy, madness and wisdom. There is something here for everyone. His genius affords his readers a selection of delights that will make their heads spin.

    Le Monde

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