• "A modern masterpiece"

    Andrew Marr
  • "Combines dramatic power, absorbing narrative and magisterial scholarship – a magnificent tour de force"

    Christopher Andrew, Sunday Telegraph
  • "The most moving account of the Russian Revolution since Doctor Zhivago"

    Lucasta Miller, Independent
  • "This book is not just a history; it is an item of history"

    Neal Ascherson, Independent on Sunday
  • "A People’s Tragedy will do more to help us understand the Russian Revolution than any other book I know"

    Eric Hobsbawm, London Review of Books
  • "Orlando Figes’s chronicle of the final days of Tsarism and the violent Bolshevism that arose from its ruins is an epic in size, scope and insight, and a classic in its genre… A People’s Tragedy succeeds most in capturing the sheer popular immensity of the upheavals in 1917-18, with all of Russia rising up first against the Tsar and then, with the onset of civil war, against itself. With its perfect balance of analysis and anecdote, A People’s Tragedy is surely among the most readable books on the Russian Revolution and the decades of tumult that made it possible – or inevitable"

    Brad Davies, Independent