• "No review can do justice to the richness, liveliness and sheer fun of this book. Wilson has written one of the books of the year"

    John Charmley, Guardian
  • "Argumentative, thought-provoking and very well-written"

    Andrew Roberts, Daily Telegraph
  • "He shows that the issues which dominate our headlines - immigration, Iraq, religious tolerance - have their roots in decisions made, or not made, as long ago as the Twenties ... A compelling read"

    Kathryn Hughes, Mail on Sunday
  • "The practised columnist's ability to provoke new thoughts with an original and opinionated argument is evident on nearly every page... Coherent and absorbing"

    Michael Grove, The Times
  • "A page-turner, lambent with fascination... One of the best things about the book is the use Wilson makes of the period's reflection in its fecund literature. And, indeed, his masterly piece of history is a work of literature too"

    A.C. Grayling, Financial Times