• "I have been longing for a book to get to grips with Barrie's unquiet genius, and this is it. Hide-and-Seek with Angels has the richness, sympathy and depth of a great novel... Splendidly lucid. The archetypal Lost Boy has been found at long last"

    Sunday Express
  • "[A] wonderful new biography... [Chaney] places Barrie very much in his time, and is always good on his relations with other writers, and with the contemporary world of journalism and theatre... This excellent biography... Fascinating insights and answers"

    Evening Standard
  • "Lisa Chaney, in her excellent new biography, gives Barrie credit for an intelligence and subtlety others have not noticed. He was a phenomenon, and lived a phenomenal life, coming from an impoverished Scottish home to become world-famous, hugely rich and uninhibitedly productive... Chaney is very good on Barrie's writing in general"

    New Statesman
  • "Absorbing... Chaney achieves two essential aims of such a biography - throwing intelligent... light on Barrie's complex character and demonstrating its effect on his output... She comes into her own when describing his dealings with his wilful mother... She makes a powerful plea for the imaginative writer over the psychologist as 'the natural historian of love'. In the process, she forces us to take Peter Pan seriously"

    Sunday Times

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