• "There is a passion in Benn's writing and speaking that far transcends the miserable aspirations of most contemporary politicians"

    Paul Foot, Guardian
  • "[Benn] has a nice line in self-deprecation and hundreds of thought-provoking or funny stories. He is proud of his forebears and their achievements, bringing them alive even for people who do not share his name or even political views"

    Daily Express
  • "Often revealing, always entertaining... reads like a one-sided conversation, not because he hogs the stage but because people around him realize he has the most interesting things to say, so they listen"

    Jad Adams, Times Literary Supplement
  • "These three wonderful hours are crammed with so many formative memories, often recalled with a laugh in Benn's familiar voice"

    Rachel Redford, The Observer
  • "The essays on peace are excellent"

    Simon Jenkins, Sunday Times