• "There is something irresistible about the novels of Alice Hoffman. Her themes of love, marriage, family and friendship are reassuringly familiar and her style agreeably evocative...Her stories have a quality of mystery and even darkness that puts a fresh spin on the commonplace, and at its very best can make the reader look at life from a fresh angle. If I could see things through Hoffman's eyes, I'm convinced life would be richer and more interesting... Here On Earth is a wonderful piece of storytelling"

    Literary Review
  • "Hoffman is shrewd and witty about the networks of gossip and affection in town, and she evokes place superbly... spellbinding"

    Sunday Times
  • "Imagine Wuthering Heights set in a small New England town during the last 30 years. The characters escape not to wild moors but marshes haunted by foxes and souls of drowned men-compelling"

  • "Wuthering Heights meets The Horse Whisperer... riveting and memorable"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "A gripping novel that evokes the tensions of small-town life"