Due for release 26th July 2018

No Silver Spoon

Katie Flynn


Set in Liverpool in the 1920s, this is a heartwarming tale of triumph over adversity, from the Sunday Times bestselling saga author.

Dympna lives a life of grinding poverty with her family on the Connemara coast. She adores her father Micheál and does her best to help her English mother and the family by working hard and expecting little.

But beneath the smooth-seeming surface there are hidden secrets. Dympna’s mother idolises her clever eldest son, but her attitude to her husband and to Dympna is puzzling. Yet when the family desperately needs money, it is Dympna who crosses the water to Liverpool, to send money back for them.

Meanwhile in Liverpool, orphaned and half-starved Jimmy Ruddock struggles to escape from his background with little success until he meets Elsie, a tough young slum-dweller who helps him to better himself.

That is until he starts working aboard a Fleetwood trawler, and meets up with Dympna...

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  • Published 26th July 2018
  • 560 Pages
  • £6.99