• "A taut and tense thriller... A new and very vibrant voice... Will keep you on the edge of your seat"

    Irish News
  • "A haunting crime story in a rueful, savvy voice"

    New York Times
  • "Stylish. Sleek. Scary. Hollowpoint captures you on the first page and just hangs on - and in the end it transforms into something deeper than you ever imagined"

    Kathy Reichs, author of Déjà Dead
  • "An impressive debut from a real-life homicide district attorney: a blackly comic tale of a lawyer on a redemptive mission in the bleak Brooklyn projects. Reuland knows his territory all too well and guides us through the cynical courtrooms and mean streets with assurance, cruel wit and pathos"

  • "Reuland's irreverent take on antihero Gio is a refreshing dash of candor in the genre, granting credibility to a story whose racing pace has an addictive effect."

    Publishers Weekly

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