• "'This novel is cut like a diamond, with such sharp authenticity and bursts of light"

    Alice Munro
  • "Lark and Termite is extraordinary and it is luminous. This is not simply classic Jayne Anne Phillips. This is something far more extraordinary. It is an astounding feat of the imagination. It is the best novel I've read this year"

    Junot Díaz
  • "'What a beautiful, beautiful novel this is - so rich and intricate in its drama, so elegantly written, so tender, so convincing, so penetrating, so incredibly moving. I can declare without hesitation or qualification that Lark and Termite is by far the best new novel I've read in the last five years or so"

    Tim O'Brien
  • "'An extraordinary and brilliant piece of writing...a powerful and tender portrayal of a family'"

    Sunday Times
  • "Consistently inventive, evocative and uncompromising. Haunting is a word much overused, but Lark and Termite is exactly that: a novel whose elegant lingering images are hard to shake from the memory. This is a glowing, powerful and immensely readable paean to the power of family"