• "She can make a scene between two women sitting in a café as violent as anything you’ve seen between a couple of guys with baseball bats"

    Mark Billingham
  • "Wonderful at exploring the dark corners of the human mind, and the way private fantasies can clash and explode into terrifying violence"

    Daily Mail
  • "Ruth Rendell gets into the mind not only of the hero but into the mind of the villain"

    Jeffery Deaver
  • "Rendell’s eerier capacity to comprehend disturbed criminal minds continues to astonish"

    The Times
  • "Once her characters start twisting on every-tightening tracks, their fates are brilliantly sealed, and it’s never obvouis who’ll be the victim or the culprit. Rendell’s greatest trick is making an unforeseen outcome feel predestined"

    Financial Times