• "The definitive guide to hooligan culture"
  • "Superbly written ... darkly exhilarating ... a sort of rollercoaster chamber of horrors"

  • "Compelling, intelligent and fully engaged"

    Martin Amis
  • "[Buford] gatecrashes a social world that most of us have spent some portion of our lives avoiding and brings it to life on the page with a ferocious relish that only someone who was a foreigner to soccer could manage, or stomach"

    Jonathan Raban
  • "Buford's reportage is vivid and racy, dropping you in the thick of the madness with a Wolfe-like immediacy"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "The excellence of his writing takes the reader to the centre of the mob... His words have the fragmented accuracy of a hand-held television camera in a war zone"

    John Stalker, Sunday Times
  • "Possesses something of the quality of A Clockwork Orange"

    The Times
  • "This is an absorbing read, and another winner from Buford, who writes so very, very well"

  • "Among the Thugs is, by some distance, the best book ever written about football violence. Intelligent, succinct, and always in the thick of it, it reads as a blood-fuelled ode to English football, and as a primer for what will be when Russia hosts the World Cup. It grabs the readers attention like a headbutt to the cakehole."

    Tony Parsons
  • "Sizzling writing to rival the best of white-heat gonzo journalism"

    New Statesman