• "Ruth Padel combines two major gifts: she is both a distinguished poet and a quite exceptional reader of the poetry of others... The result is a book which opens doors, which bids us share with its author and the poems she has chosen a wealth of insight"

    George Steiner
  • "She argues away the idea that contemporary poetry is "difficult": all it needs is a little work and the rewards are great"

    Sunday Times
  • "A brilliant snapshot of contemporary poetry. Padel writes with incisive intelligence, particularly in her lively and provocative introduction on gender-related power in the poetry world and why poetry has "lost its audience"

    Christina Patterson, Director of the Poetry Society, Independent
  • "She chooses her poems with impeccable taste, an anthologist of the very best contemporary poetry"

    The Times
  • "A great gift for any student or poetry virgin who wonders what all the excitement is about"

    Glasgow Herald