• There is a dazzling light of intellect as much as a thunderous darkness of reality in her fine, humanising portrait

    The Times, Ten Best Books of 2006
  • Scurr has an important tale to tell, and she tells it judiciously

    Lucy Hughes-Hallett, Sunday Times
  • Ruth Scurr's aim, in this well written first book, is to provide an accessible, up - to date biography that draws on all this work, and represents Robespierre as a human being rather than as a monster of legend. She succeeds impressively

    Munro Price, Sunday Telegraph
  • This splendidly balanced account of an unbalanced mind proves that there are monsters of virtue as well as monsters of vice

    Graham Robb, Daily Telegraph
  • It is judicious, balanced, and admirably clear at every point....It is quite the calmest and least abusive history of the Revolution you will ever read

    Hilary Mantel, London Review of Books

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