• "The tales Solomon returns with, of profound disability and extreme differences overcome, make it a bible of empathy and inclusion"

    Cressida Connolly, Spectator
  • "Andrew Solomon’s Far From The Tree is a prodigious, illuminating book about the challenge of being a parent – especially when children are out of the ordinary"

    Tim Adams, Observer
  • "Life-affirming, thought provoking and highly readable, the book was compiled over 10 years of interviews and I found it deeply moving"

    Kate Kellaway, Observer
  • "Many accounts are desperately moving, but Solomon goes far beyond cheap pity... The book is an exquisite written study of parental love – as well as "a how-to manual for receptivity""

    Kerry Hudson, Herald
  • "[A] magnificent study of disability and identity differences"

    Susannah Meadows, New York Times
  • "This wise book is a careful and surprising study of difference between parent and child and how it shapes our lives"

    Stephen Grosz, Sunday Telegraph
  • "For anyone struggling with decisions over parenting, it’s an affirming reminder that there is no such thing as “normal”"

    Femke Colborne, Big Issue in the North
  • "Parents – especially mothers – are the heroes of this book, many of them describing with extraordinary absence of self-pity how they have coped with almost unimaginable adversity"

    Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times
  • "Solomon really makes you think... Uniquely brilliant"

    William Leith, Evening Standard
  • "Beautiful"

    The Times