• "Tom Fort has put together a delightfully discursive book: a gentle rambling through the printed sources interlaced with meetings and outings to give it topicality."

    Daily Mail
  • "... an entertaining survey of the history of man's ceaseless struggle to answer the big question: do I need to take my Mac?"

    The Independent
  • "... Good humoured and quietly ... The exchange between Johnson's Englishmen may not, in the end, arrive anywhere in particular, but it goes on to this day.Under the Weather is a worthy addition to that long-lived conversation, and a reminder of how compelling it remains."

  • "A great little book about the British obsession with the climate, it's full of fruitful parcels of meteorological lore."

    Conde Nast Traveller
  • "... The writing possesses an affable charm and Fort has an appealing layman's enthusiasm for the subject."

    Financial Times Magazine