• "<p><i><b>The Murder Artist</b></i><br>John Case [has] a sure hand and deep understanding of the visceral terrors of the situation - Grips the heart and gut with equal force</p>"

    The Guardian
  • "<p><b><i>The Genesis Code</i></b><br>A sizzling thriller... well-written and extremely gripping</p>"

    Daily Mail
  • "<p><i><b>The First Horseman</b></i><br>Expertly researched and chillingly related... terrifying... the sort of thriller which defies you to look away</p>"

    Sunday Express
  • "<p><i><b>Trance State</b></i><br>A glass-shattering, diesel-fueled, hard-charging thrill ride of a read... [John Case] is a confident master writing at peak performance</p>"

    Lorenzo Carcaterra