• "The Power of the Dog throws shadows a mile long. Fearless, humane, aesthetically fervent, it's also passionate, unapologetic, gorgeously written and unquestionably authentic."

    Dennis Lehane
  • "Don Winslow is the kind of cult writer who is so good you almost want to keep him to yourself."

    Ian Rankin
  • "The first great dope novel since Dog Soldiers thirty years ago. It's frightening and sad, with a superbly sustained intensity. A beautifully compressed vision of hell, with all its attendant moral madness."

    James Ellroy
  • "A damn good read. If you've never read Don Winslow, start now."

    Val McDermid
  • "It is impossible in a few words to do [it] justice ... It's a huge book, both in size and scope."

    Sunday Telegraph