• "Shakespeare is interested in grand themes: love, vocation, politics and the corrupting power of moral and ideological absolutes... The Dancer Upstairs will be enjoyed by any kind of reader... It is enviably good, a genuinely fine novel from a writer who possesses real heart and flair"

    Louis de Bernières, Sunday Times
  • "Almost steams with the author's understanding of South America and yet is somehow poetic and tender"

  • "Will count among the best work being produced by the present generation of British writers"

    Independent on Sunday
  • "As cracking a story as any yarn, as informed as any journalism, and delivered with firmness and urgency"

    The Times
  • "In addition to being a satisfyingly rich tale or romance this is a highly intelligent examination of Peruvian - and South American - reality... Funny and devastating... I was riveted by this superb novel"

    New Statesman