• "A macabre but unforgettable tale"

    John Boyne, Guardian
  • "Darkly impressive"

    The Times
  • "Marvellously creates the atmosphere of youngsters given that instant adulthood they all crave, where the ordinary takes on a mysterious glow and the extraordinary seems rather commonplace. It is difficult to fault the writing or the construction of this eerie fable"

    Sunday Times
  • "An extremely assured, technically adept and compelling piece of work"

  • "A shocking book, morbid, full of repellant imagery - and irresistibly readable...The effect achieved by McEwan's quiet, precise and sensuous touch is that of magic realism - a transfiguration of the ordinary that has far stronger retinal and visceral impact than the flabby surrealism of so many experimental novels"

    New York Review of Books