• "A mouthwateringly delicious read; it also snaps with irresistible wit. This could have remained a slender coming-of-age tale. In fact, it develops into one of real substance"

    Daily Mail
  • "Family secrets, first love and teen betrayals all make up the novel's classic menu"

  • "Piercingly eloquent...richly drawn characters...captivating pace"

    New York Times
  • "Southern cadences resonate, imbuing Bitter In The Mouth with a warmth and wit that form a perfect foil for the Southern gothic undercurrents that propel it towards its gorgeous, heart-warming resolution"

  • "A revelation of wit and heart and stunning talent. Truong shades her classic coming of age tale with a magical ferocity that recalls Doctorow and Nabokov....a soulful hymn to the hands we fashion with the cards we're dealt"

    Jayne Anne Phillips

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