• "'As is typical of the best classics, he has fashioned a universal tale of sexual obsession, love and death out of a particular life'"

    Marie Claire
  • "'Even in its sexiest moments, it never loses its intellectual poise. Dry witticisms intersperse sweaty couplings...The Folding Star is a novel of considerable breadth.What gives it its depth is the candour, wit, sensuous immediacy and melancholy intelligence applied to it'"

    Peter Kemp, Times Literary Supplement
  • "'Few writers' prose can throw a party as easily as retire to the library as Hollinghurst's...[He ] is on as fine a form in this novel as his first'"

    Tom Shone, Spectator
  • "'Grand 19th-century fin-de-siècle lusciousness, a seamy 20th-century carnality and a generous pinch of true wit'"

    Sunday Times