• "Terrific...inventive and sane and very funny"

    New York Times Book Review
  • "Roth is a living master"

    Harold Bloom
  • "Roth's prose is, as ever, elegant and intelligent, delicate even when at its most crude. It sent me back to Kafka - a brave thing to do, but he stands the comparison well"

    Margaret Drabble
  • "A new shock world of sensual possibility... Need one say again that Roth is an admirable novelist who never steps twice into the same river?"

    Anthony Burgess
  • "Hilarious, serious, visionary, logical, sexual-philosophical; the ending amazes - the joke takes three steps beyond savagery and satire and turns into a sublimeness of pity. One knows when one is reading something that will permanently enter the culture"

    Cynthia Ozick

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